Nerdy Adventures to be announced soon 

We can't wait to share our upcoming nerdy travel adventures with you. Which fandom would you like to see us launch first? Perhaps you've always wanted to visit one of the locations below?


harry potter

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the Chamber of Secrets, and the Half Blood Prince were each shot at the Gloucester Cathedral in England. The Cathedral’s Cloisters are used as various settings for Hogwarts' interiors. The glass windows dating back to 1350 depict some of the earliest evidence of sports such as golf and medieval football.


Lord of the rings

Nelson is home to Jens Hansen, the goldsmith responsible for creating the 40 different rings used in production. One of the original rings is on display and copies can be bought in 9ct and 18ct gold. Nearby Nelson is Takaka Hill, which was the filming location for Chetwood Forest. Where 'Strider' led the hobbits into the country east of Bree in an attempt to escape the Black Riders.




Doctor WHO

In “The Unicorn and the Wasp”, the Doctor drops an unconscious Agatha Christie off at the Harrogate Hotel, though in reality the building is Hensol Castle in Wales. The castle’s interiors were used for 10 Downing Street in “World War Three” and “The Sound of Drums”, and “Aliens in London”.

Game of Thrones

In Morocco, Aït-Ben-Haddou provides the backdrop for the cities of Yunkai and Pentos. Along with the Ounila River, this provided the perfect setting for Daenerys’ battle with the Second Sons and another set of slaves for her to set free.